Finding a space to accommodate your belongings can be a challenge. You can experience this inconvenience while living in a small flat or moving to a new place. You wish you got provisions for extra space to accommodate the belongings.

Household Storage Units are a Saviour:

Booking household storage in Nuneaton can be a life-saving hack in such situations. The storage units are a safer, much more practical and economical way to keep a considerable amount of your belongings. You can choose the space according to the type of items you want to keep there.

Common Mistakes While Booking a Self-Storage:

If you are a first-timer to these household storage facilities, you are bound to make some rookie mistakes. However, you need not worry about that any more. In the following section, we discuss the common mistakes one may make while storing things in a self-storage unit.

  • Not Labelling the Boxes: For organised storage, it is important to keep the vital belongings inside a box. This helps you manage the space inside the household storage facility. However, once you keep the items inside a box, you must not forget to label them properly. It is a helpful tip that will help you categorise the boxes later. There might be a chance that you may forget the belongings in a specific box. This would cause inconvenience and take you time and effort to identify them.


  • Packing Fragile Goods in Newspaper: It is a common practice that many consider harmless. However, it can later cause some problems and cause your valuable, fragile items like decorations and crockeries to break. Instead of newspapers, you can pack your goods inside the box with the support of bubble wrap. These are much more convenient and safer options for storing things.
  • Not Planning Ahead: When you opt to store things inside a self-storage unit, you should plan way ahead. Procrastinating only kills time, and you would be all in a mess when you finally have to put the things in the storage units. Arrange your belongings, segregate them according to their categories, and buy individual boxes to keep them safe. This will not only save you time but benefit you in the long run as well.
  • Not Considering the Safety of the Belongings: Packing the items and sending them to the facility is not enough. You have to consider that it is properly placed so that its safety is not hampered. To ensure that your item does not break inside the box, you must place it on a wooden or plastic pallet. Surely, it is an extra investment, but we can assure you it will prove its worth in the long run. Keeping the boxes at a gap from the walls of the container helps protect the boxes from moisture.

When storing your belongings in a self-storage unit, you must avoid these mistakes at all costs. Get in touch with a reliable source like Low Price Storage Ltd, which provides spacious household storage units in Nuneaton. You can place all kinds of belongings here at a nominal price, according to your time requirements. For more information, you can visit our website today.