Electronics like televisions, refrigerators, lampshades, music systems, video players and even laptops are a few items that need excess care and attention during the home removal process. Generally, homeowners tend to pack the electronics more carelessly. Since most of the time is involved in packing the delicate antiques, however, during the move, if the movers accidentally drop any of the electronic items, then you would require the item to be replaced by a new one.

Hence, hire professionals for removals Nuneaton. They know the tricks of packing and protecting electronic items. Moreover, if you’re planning on keeping the electronic items in storage, then pack them accordingly to ensure that they are not damaged during humidity and temperature.

4 tips to protect your electrical items during the home shifting process


Remove batteries, plugs and contents

Before you pack the electronic items, make sure that you remove the batteries, the spark plugs, and the refrigerator’s contents so that the weight is reduced and moving becomes easy. Roll up the power cords so that the same doesn’t get damaged during the shifting process. For laptops, remove the batteries as corroded batteries might damage the product.

Try to pack in original boxes

It is always the best option to pack the items in the original boxes as they are of the exact size and keep the same safe. Sensitive items like lampshades and TVs might develop cracks if they are packed separately for removal. However, if you don’t have the boxes, ask the professionals to safely pack the items with soft materials and bubble wraps to prevent the same from getting damaged.

Please keep them on temperature-controlled premises

For laptops, unused fridges and TV sets, storing in premises where the temperature is controlled sufficiently is essential. Otherwise, over time, these equipment pieces might stop working, Hence when you store the electronic items during the shifting process, make sure that you check the temperature of the storage units and install a temperature control device to ensure that the items are not damaged.

Organise and mark the packaging

Organise the cords and the parts of the electrical items in an effective manner. Then clearly mark the package with a sign that indicates that the package carries fragile items. You can write a small tag named breakables or delicate electronics on the packages as this will help differentiate the same, and movers will handle the same with utmost care.

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