A self storage facility is one of the most effective storage units. It can come to your help when you are shifting to a new place and need some space to store things. From personal items to furniture, you can utilise the storage space to keep various things.

Why Choose a Self-Storage Unit?

The safety and security offered by a self-storage facility is paramount. You can remain assured of constant surveillance, full protection and zero damage. These features make the storage facilities perfect for storing valuable personal items like furniture.

How to Prepare Before Keeping Furniture in Self-Storage?

Before selecting a self storage in Nuneaton to keep your furniture, you should know some vital preparation tips. We point them out in the following section.

  • Clean the Furniture: This practice keeps your furniture pristine inside the storage unit. Ensure that each furniture part is free from dirt, debris and crumbs. In the case of a sofa, take out the covers and cushions and clean them thoroughly. It is advisable to use warm, soapy water to clean wooden furniture. Apply wax on the dry surface to keep the furniture moisturised inside the storage unit.

  • Arrange Suitable Transport: Packing the furniture is not the end of the game. You should take time to arrange suitable transports to take them to the units. Look for a vehicle that can store all of your furniture or its dismantled pieces.

  • Try Tricks to Store Furniture Easily: Keeping the furniture inside boxes to store it in a unit is the most practical advice. However, some furniture may be larger and not fit in a box. You should dismantle the furniture and keep the parts inside a box to make things easier. It makes the furniture easier to transport and achieves wider space in the storage unit.
  • Wrap or Cover the Furniture: If you have furniture made of delicate items, use protective things to cover them. Bubble wraps are one of the most suitable storage items to keep the furniture away from dust. As these are made of plastic, they will also prevent moisture from entering the furniture.

These are useful tips for storing furniture effectively in a self-storage facility. To find a suitable self-storage unit for your needs, contact a well-known name like Low Price Storage Ltd. We can provide spacious self-storage in Nuneaton, where you can keep various items. Each of our units falls under strict surveillance and access control. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.