Whether you want to free up some space in your home or store some of your belongings while moving house, self-storage can be the best solution. You can rent them on a short or long term basis according to your convenience. Whether it’s a house, business, or office premise, often situations arise when we fall short of space. Just renting a self-storage unit isn’t sufficient. You should know how to pack it, optimise your storage and ensure that all your belongings are safe. To make the process hassle-free and tackle the storage like a professional, you can follow the tips stated below.

2 Tips To Follow When Choosing A Storage Unit

  • Choose A Reliable Storage Company

Though there are numerous companies offering self-storage units in Nuneaton, it is advisable that you choose a reliable company. You are storing your valuable belongings and believe that a third party will take care of them. Look for one with a proven record of reliability. Check their past customers’ experience and read reviews. Don’t randomly choose a company because they are offering the service at a lower price.

  • Start Searching Early

You have to consider numerous factors when choosing a company for self-storage, like its price, size, and convenience level. Start your search early so that you have sufficient time for the necessary research. If you can start a bit early, you can create a plan to make things easier on the day of moving. On the other hand, you have to make hurried decisions if you start late.

2 Tips To Follow When Packing The Boxes

  • Label Them

If you plan to store some of the items for a couple of months in the self-storage units, make sure that you label the boxes correctly. There are high chances for you to forget the items you are putting in the boxes since everything will be sealed up. Use a marker to label them and the unpacking process will become easier. You can grab something from the storage unit quickly if you ever need it.

  • Place The Boxes Strategically

Be very careful when placing the boxes in the storage units. Organise them in such a way so that you can access the companies easily if you ever need them during the storage period. If there are a few items that you might need within the next few months, place them towards the front of the unit and the items you won’t need in the back.

2 Self-Storage Advice

  • Protect The Units

Don’t share access to your self-storage unit with anyone unless you trust them completely. Self-storage units often attract people with bad intentions. Companies offering those units advise their customers not to share their key or access code with anyone.

  • Use A Strong Lock

Even if you are renting a self-storage unit with CCTV installed on the premises, ensure you secure the unit. You can purchase a strong lock and replace the one in your unit. A sturdy lock is hard to tamper with.

Time to follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the experts at Low Price Storage Ltd to make self-storage hassle-free.